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Lasik or Cataract Surgery 

Very few things in eye care have matched the excitement and fulfillment of refractive surgery, mainly Lasik. I do think our eyesight is our most precious sense and one not to be taken for granted. 

I feel with the proper patient selection, the best eye surgeon, and the absolute best technology, the chance of a complication with Lasik is less than a percent. So much, that I have had Lasik myself, before managing my father’s case a week later. 

I do feel that the most important ingredient is to have the right treatment plan for each patient. This takes into account the persons age, level of correction, history of corrections (type and frequency worn), and lifestyle. I have managed over 70,000 eyes with Dr. Thomas S. Tooma and have developed a keen sense of what works best with each patient’s needs and expectations.

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